Mr. Brite – rap artist

Filmed against green screen with back plate of city, fire, and smoke effect with foreground fire effect.  Used as promo for the full video.

DP, Sound, editor, color grading, motion graphics: Teddy Wilson

A promo for the Jamaica Just My Style fashion event.
Jamaica Business Improvement District (JBID)

I was asked to include the airTrain as it brings travellers from JFK into the Jamaica Queens area to enjoy what it has to offer.  This was a promotion for the JJMS Jamaica Just My Style yearly fashion event.  I also shot the event itself as a two camera capture

DP, Sound, editor, color grading: Teddy Wilson

Various types of promotional graphics I’ve created which show that anything can benefit from quality images.

Many independent films go unrecognized because the marketing platform was to quiet or non-existent.  I create marketing materials that shine a light on the event, film, art, message because without a marketing voice the story might never be seen or heard.