Tamika isn’t a model but she looks like one. She needed headshots and being who I am we began to expand the definition of the concept. I felt comfortable with her headshot direction but she had an energy about her that transcended those limits causing us to have a little more fun with it. Categories […]

Kid are unique in the magic they bring and the imagery must be equal to their beauty. Here are some finished and behind the scenes images I’ve taken of these wonderful children. it’s not about just one child but the identity of those training them in the arts as well so I present to you the […]

Brandon Levant is an aspiring music artist and model with the design to show the world his potential. He approached VPADSTUDIOS for his head shots and after seeing our approach settled on a location shoot in lower and mid-town Manhattan. These images are a taste of that shoot.  

Beth M Donnelly is a model working with the designer Paul Mantia and was brought in to promote one of his fashion shows. She was a joy to work with and the images seem to reflect her dedication to her craft.

I first met Jenise on the phone and we talked about her being a rather good cook show but the conversation rapidly progressed to her TV show, film scripts, and modeling. She does her own editing, color, and titling getting deep into the artistic grunt work so to speak and that made me very impressed […]

LaCrown: Yes, it’s just LaCrown, like Prince or Madonna and I’m happy to say as a model she definity gets the job done. It was a pleasure shooting her posing a jewery line at a my studio. She had a stylized approach to her poses and she nailed each shot.  

House of Roderick Jewelry Shoot – Photographer Teddy Wilson

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YOUR WEDDING DAY I do wedding photography and I do it well.  The images below are examples of my work.  That magical day which seems more fantasy than reality is a once in a life time event. You wish you could remember every detail but the day will come and go in a moment. Theoimagery […]

YOUR WEDDING DAY I do work that has to capture an idea and tell a story.  I use photography, video(film), 3D content, text, and graphic effects as tools to that end but the memory YOU wish to save is the most important element of all.  Gordon and Erika Padron.  BACK TO WEDDINGS   click image to enlarge

GRAPHIC DESIGN We 3D graphical, typography, illustration, and photographic elements to express your message in the most professional manner. Our graphical design can be made into flyers, banners (up to 6X12 feet), booklets, photobook, etc., to satisfy you display needs. 3D programs, Photoshop/Lightroom/Capture One, or Indesign for print layout.  We use the tools that bring the vision to […]


Retouching can mean something different to different people but its goal is to manipulate the image in a manner that makes it represent the vision of the client or show the potential beauty that can be possible with a little time and skill. I use retouch to enhance your vision and in the end, it’s […]

Johany and Eucebio

  Johany and Eucebio had a simple and loving wedding surrounded by those who couldn’t be happier for them and I was honored to capture some of their special moments.  BACK TO WEDDINGS